Chapter 1167 – Divine Spear Like Dragon

Chapter 1167 – Divine Spear Like Dragon

Mo Eversnow used her mind to control the small bone slip, bringing it floating out into the air.

This bone slip fragment didn’t appear to be special at all. If it had been placed in a street stall and not auctioned off at a trade fair then it would have been difficult for Lin Ming to discover anything strange about it.

Mo Eversnow said, “This bone slip has a cultivation method recorded within it. It includes the six early stages of body transformation, the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, and the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. The details about the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace are called the Nine Star Art. According to this bone slip, after one practices the Nine Star Art and truly opens of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, a martial artist can commune with the world around them, just like an essence gathering martial artist can. They can galvanize a type of energy using the world Laws. This energy is called astral essence!”

“Astral essence?” Lin Ming asked, startled. This was the first time he had ever heard of this sort of energy.

“Astral essence and true essence are two sides of energy, similar to how grandmist energy divided into yin and yang energies. I have a faint premonition that the secrets of astral essence are related to how to open the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.”

“The secrets to...

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