Chapter 1166 – Opening the Gate of Life

Chapter 1166 – Opening the Gate of Life

Time marched on.

If three days went by outside, one month would have passed for Lin Ming.

Imperceptibly, half a month passed.

In the spirit artifact alchemy furnace, the violet sun stone embryo had completely melted. The dragon bone relics fused into it, forming a golden liquid that spilled out light in all directions.

At the start, this ball of fluid was over a foot in diameter. Then, as it was slowly roasted by flames, the ball of liquid became increasingly small and concentrated.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The furnace shook. All around the body of the furnace, strange and ancient patterns lit up as if they were coming to life. These patterns took the likeness of wild great animals with long fangs, sharp claws, and one could even faintly make out the sound of horrendous roars coming from the furnace.

“This furnace is like a living creature…” Lin Ming turned his head in surprise as he heard the roaring from the furnace become increasingly clear. Then, he immediately relaxed. As a spirit artifact, this furnace naturally had an artifact spirit within it. Although this was not a true source artifact spirit but a false artifact spirit, often a false artifact spirit wasn’t any worse than a true one. The...

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