Chapter 1165 – Crazy Cultivation

Chapter 1165 – Crazy Cultivation

“The auction for the Boundless World Pill has already ended, but everyone need not feel regret. This is because there are a total of 10 items in our auction finale, and each one of them is a rare and precious treasure! There is always another chance! Now, we shall begin the auction for the second item!”

On the auction stage, Princess Honeylush spoke with gusto. However, not many people agreed with her words. For the last nine items of the auction finale, many people had gone through their networks of information and learned what they were. Besides the last item perhaps having a final bid of a trillion, the other items likely wouldn’t surpass 300 billion.

A hundred billion violet sun stones was already an extremely exaggerated number.

And at this time, Lin Ming didn’t plan on staying and watching the rest of the auction. He stood up and directly walked to the back of the stage. According to the rules, one could pay as soon as their auction ended. Lin Ming intended to take the Boundless World Pill as soon as possible and leave the auction venue. The other items remaining had nothing to do with him.

Lin Ming’s departure caught the attention of many people. There were several icy cold gazes on him, as sharp and bright as shining blades. Lin Ming could feel these eyes piercing...

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