Chapter 1164 – Divine Pill In Hand

Chapter 1164 – Divine Pill In Hand

“Grandma!” In the lower seats, the red bamboo hat woman began to speak to the old woman beside her with a true essence sound transmission, her voice a bit hurried.

The withered old woman deeply looked at Lin Ming and said, “This price is too high! If grandma is willing to go all in then I can still purchase it, but you are only at the Divine Sea realm; the road before you is still very long and you have far to grow. If you use resources of this level the entire time then grandma simply will not be able to support it. The money I have has to be spent as frugally as possible to buy the most cost effective goods, rather than such luxurious treasures… although the Boundless World Pill is good, the effects compared to the price are simply too low. This auction still has other final act items coming up. We… should give this one up!”

The old woman let out a long and deep sigh. At this time, she no longer had a source of income and was only relying on the wealth she had saved up in the past. Even so, it still wasn’t enough.

“I understand. Grandma, rest assured that even without the Boundless World Pill, I will definitely have a dazzling result in the First Martial Meeting.” The red bamboo woman...

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