Chapter 1162 – The Rise

Chapter 1162 – The Rise

“With a starting price of zero there is no standard to measure the auction with. The first bid will be even more exaggerated!”

A World King Holy Land Elder said from the higher reserved seats. Because there were so few Boundless World Pills and they were rarely traded, their price was difficult to estimate. Moreover, there were vastly different prices in each transaction without any standard at all. Thus, no one could say just what the price of the Boundless World Pill should be.

In this sort of situation, if the auction house were to put forth a starting price then others would subconsciously think that this was the ordinary reserve price of the Boundless World Pill.

If this auction finally produced a price several times that of the starting price then there would be people who thought that they spent too much money and would think this was a great injustice!

This would cause some people to feel uncomfortable with their purchase and might even affect the final transaction price.

But on the other hand, if the starting price was too high then many people would develop fear at the start and wouldn’t dare to bid. This would lead to the auction being deserted and...

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