Chapter 1161 – Auctioning the Boundless World Pill

Chapter 1161 – Auctioning the Boundless World Pill

“Fuck, who the hell does he think he is? He clearly lost so why is he pretending to be so amazing at losing!” River Feather cursed. “It’s as if he thinks that he’s donating to us or something. Everyone clearly knows he lost the bid and yet he thinks he won it!”

Lin Ming thought little of it. He said, “That type of person has an arrogant personality with a mouth that keeps running off on its own. Even if he lost he would tell others that it wasn’t because he was weak but because he couldn’t be bothered to put his full force into fighting. These geniuses from somewhat influential backgrounds are born with a sense of superiority, so being idiotically arrogant like this is also normal.”

As for Princess Honeylush, she looked at Zhong Wenshu without the least bit of embarrassment. As the auctioneer for this event, it was common knowledge that she would be able to keep a small percentage of the profits for herself. Even so, any normal person would have been humiliated after being publicly scolded by Zhong Wenshu.

But Princess Honeylush only smiled. She said, “What Sir Zhong said about me, I will surely remember. I hope that once the final several items of this auction come out, Sir Zhong will be able to put...

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