Chapter 1160 – Zhong Wenshu

Chapter 1160 – Zhong Wenshu

“A guest has bid 7.5 billion, is there another guest that is willing to bid a higher price?” Princess Honeylush asked on the auction stage with a flirtatious tone, a tone that caused many young elites to bubble over with heated blood. But, as they thought of this 7.5 billion cost, they were all discouraged. This price was simply too high.

“7.5 billion, huh, whoever bids this high must be rich!”

A young disciple sighed enviously from beside Lin Ming. For many present, their total usage of resources growing up until now didn’t surpass 7.5 billion. But, this cost was actually used to bid on a nine aperture spirit crystal to nourish a spirit artifact. There was simply no way to describe this gap.

“It’s impossible to withstand the world of the wealthy.”

As some were discussing, in the higher level reserved seats, someone suddenly called out, “10 billion!”

The one who spoke was a young man who looked to be 15-16 years old. He was handsome with clear eyes and shining teeth, and also had an early Divine Sea cultivation. Although he only appeared to be 15-16 years old, for him to have reached a Divine Sea cultivation, his natural age had to be over 30.

“That is Dual Polarity Palace’s Zhong Wenshu. Dual Polarity Palace is also a World King Holy Land! They’re...

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