Chapter 116 - Maddening Materials

Chapter 116 Maddening Materials.


Chapter 116 – Maddening Materials

Body inscription was a type of inscription drawn onto the body. It was able to increase a martial artist’s cultivation speed or enhance their battle prowess.

As with objection inscription symbols, there was a limit to how many could be placed. The amount differed depending on the grade of the body inscription symbol as well as the physical condition of the martial artist. For body inscription symbols, the most one could draw were about four or five.

With his match against Zhang Guanyu approaching in four months, he had to draw up a body inscription symbol within a month in order to display its greatest effects, otherwise the quality of the effect would be lessened, or it might even be a complete waste of time!

However, to draw up a body inscription symbol in a month was as difficult as ascending to heaven!

Although Lin Ming had the memories of the soul fragment, in order to successfully create one, it would still take a long time and also use up a massive amount of rare and precious materials in order to practice!

Practicing it was simple. What was difficult was finding a way to collect all of the incomparably rare and precious materials that were needed for the body inscription symbol. The degree to which these materials were rare and precious caused Lin Ming to shudder in fear!

In the elder’s memory, of the simplest body inscriptions, there were...

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