Chapter 1158 – Sky High Pawn Price

Chapter 1158 – Sky High Pawn Price

Starbind Bank’s interior had different dimensional worlds located within it. And, its pawn store was in the shape of a six floored pagoda that floated high in the sky.

Many masters arrived at the pagoda and turned into a beam of lightning, flying directly within.

Lin Ming rubbed his chin. He bid farewell to River Feather and flew in alone.

At this time, a light blue hazy mist covered his body, and one was barely able to make out the contours of his features. One couldn’t clearly see his appearance nor clearly make out his age. This was a protection that Starbind Bank arranged for those people that weren’t willing to disclose their identity. Of course, if one really wished to look through this concealment it would be easy. But in this aspect, Starbind Bank’s credibility had stood up to the most rigorous tests of time. It had operated for so many years and yet there had never been a single time when they tried to steal the belongings of their guests, nor had they ever secretly investigated the appearance of their guests or violated their privacy.

After Lin Ming entered the pagoda, he went to the first level. The space here was a thousand miles long and wide, with a large crowd of talkative guests...

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