Chapter 1157 – Necklace of the Goddess

Chapter 1157 – Necklace of the Goddess

“Lin Ming, could it be that you want to pawn the dragon bone relics?” Mo Eversnow asked from within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. Currently, the most valuable objects Lin Ming had that he was willing to pawn right now were the dragon bone relics.

The 1000 foot long supreme dragon bone was a treasure that could make a World King go mad with envy. If Lin Ming had this sort of thing, it was certainly impossible to take out.

However, compared to the original 1000 foot supreme dragon bone, pure dragon bone relics were much lower in value.

Dragon bone relics already had their dragon marrow pulled out. To an essence gathering system martial artist, dragon marrow was much more valuable. It could improve one’s meridians and bloodlines, but the dragon bone itself could only be used to transform the organs and bones, something much more suited to a body transformation martial artist.

Moreover, Mo Riverbliss had refined the 1000 foot long supreme dragon bone into 108 dragon bone relics. Each dragon bone relic was equal to 1/108 of the original dragon bone’s value. If he could hide his status and just pawn several dragon bone relics, there wouldn’t be too much trouble in that.

“Lin Ming, the...

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