Chapter 1156 – The Source of Wealth

Chapter 1156 – The Source of Wealth

“Boundless World Pill!”

Lin Ming also quickly learnt this news, that the Boundless World Pill would be one of the final closing treasures of the auction. It was something that was greatly beneficial to a Divine Sea martial artist and even a Divine Transformation martial artist.

“Lin Ming, if you can obtain this Boundless World Pill then that will be phenomenal!” Mo Eversnow’s voice resounded in Lin Ming’s mind.

“Boundless World Pill… the rumors about the auction house stated that its rank approached a transcendent divine pill?”

Transcendent divine pill, transcendent divine might, transcendent divine weapon, all of these were Empyrean level treasures, because they were existences that surpassed the Heavenly Dao. When they were born, they would summon heavenly tribulation. Although the Boundless World Pill was only a quasi-transcendent divine pill, the value of this pill was still extraordinary.

Mo Eversnow said, “In order to refine the Boundless World Pill, one needs to use the Realmheart stone of a boundless world. The so-called Realmheart stone is the very cornerstone that supports that world. The degree of toughness could be imagined! To destroy this Realmheart stone is the same as destroying that entire boundless world!

“But, although a boundless world...

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