Chapter 1154 – The Yan Littlemoon of Years Gone By

Chapter 1154 – The Yan Littlemoon of Years Gone By

As the vast voice vanished, the force field also retreated like a receding tide!

Everyone in the giant arena was still immersed in a moment of shock. The tournament had paused and didn’t continue yet.

“The First Martial Meeting of the Divine Realm, hahaha! The news that we heard was correct! Empyrean Divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe! Two great Empyreans, conducting the First Martial Meeting that well sweep over the entire Divine Realm! I’m looking forwards to this so much! In comparison to that, this Sacred Martial Grand Tournament is just an appetizer; it cannot show our true strengths!” On the martial field, Sacred Yueping wildly laughed, his red hair blowing in the wind.

“It’s impossible to know when this sort of martial meeting will truly be held. But, as the date of this martial meeting approached, all of the great influences had received some type of rumor on the wind, and because of this many geniuses were raised by these large influences. This is the greatest martial meeting beneath the heavens! Many great influences, including even our Sacred Martial Mansion, have been hurriedly training their geniuses to prepare for this once in a lifetime event! I thought it was just a rumor, but it turned out to be completely true!”

Sacred Tianhao avidly said from beside Sacred Yueping, his expression clearly ...

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