Chapter 1151 – Refining the Stone Embryo

Chapter 1151 – Refining the Stone Embryo

Lin Ming hesitated for a bit. If he really asked what was suppressed beneath the Ancient Elysium Seal then that would be unavoidably rude and offensive. This was definitely something that the Ancient Elysium Seal’s artifact spirit wouldn’t be willing to reveal.

Thinking like this, Lin Ming said, “Senior, junior would like to ask you a question. How come you decided not to kill me when you saw the Magic Cube?”

Lin Ming felt this was a bit strange. This ancient soul clearly knew the value of the Magic Cube but it had no intention of fighting Lin Ming for it. This seemed a bit contrary to common sense.

The ancient artifact spirit laughed as it heard Lin Ming’s question. Its gruff voice sounded a bit lonely and desolate. “Every person and every treasure has their own time and era. My era ended with Empyrean Divine Seal 3.6 billion years ago. That bygone and splendid era had belonged to us, but now I will no longer fight for anything. It is impossible for me to make another breakthrough in my path. The reason that I used the Destruction Sundering Art was to extend my own life, because the only reason I have left for existing is to protect this Divine Seal Array Formation!

“And when the true heavenly tribulation...

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