Chapter 1150 – World Calamity

Chapter 1150 – World Calamity

Lin Ming continued to revolve all the energy in his body. It was impossible for him to stop just because of some words, but if he really did continue to attack then he would need to burn Mo Eversnow’s soul force. Thus, Lin Ming wasn’t willing to recklessly send out such a strike. He didn’t dare to confirm whether or not Mo Eversnow would experience permanent damage to her soul after falling into a deep slumber twice. At that time, perhaps even using dragon marrow blood wouldn’t be enough to awaken her.

Lin Ming’s nerves were taut, fully alert of his surroundings to prevent any surprise attack from the ancient soul.

“Hehe, it’s like you don’t believe me. If I said you can stop then I naturally won’t attack you again, otherwise, do you think that in a situation where I am prepared, you could rely on yourself and that other soul force within you to use that tool and kill me?” The ancient soul sneered.

The ancient soul had seen through Mo Eversnow’s existence. This was also reasonable. Mo Eversnow had originally been hiding in the Magic Cube space, so the ancient soul hadn’t been able to sense her. But afterwards, Mo Eversnow had released her soul force and began to gather...

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