Chapter 115 - Zhang Guanyu

Chapter 115 Zhang Guanyu.


Chapter 115 – Zhang Guanyu

“Not really,” Lin Ming said with a faint smile. He continued, “Here, life is too comfortable and luxurious. The quiet and simple days of the Seven Profound Martial House are much more suitable for cultivation.”

“This… Brother Lin is too assiduous. Sometimes proper rest is needed; a bowstring stretched too taut isn’t necessary a good thing. Some degree of relaxation is also good. Since Brother Lin has decided to go, then I will call the guards to protect Brother Lin on his way back. The Crown Prince quickly called his royal guard to keep Lin Ming safe as he returned to the Martial House.

When Lin Ming left, the four young maidservants were relieved, but they also felt a faint disappointment. Their entire manor of several hundred people had been busy at work for the past few days meticulously cleaning the entire manor, but Lin Ming had only taken a look, and hadn’t even sat down…

However, this manor now belonged to Lin Ming. Regardless of whether he slept here or stayed here, they had to keep everything clean and spotless every day.

“What? Challenge me in fourth months?”

In a sumptuously decorated hall, on top of a soft silk mattress, an exceedingly handsome young man lazily reclined against a headrest. This young man’s hands were greedily hugging an enchanting beauty of great assets. At the foot...

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