Chapter 1149 – Horrifying Power

Chapter 1149 – Horrifying Power

“Lin Ming, hurry up and retreat!” Mo Eversnow’s voice rapidly sounded out in Lin Ming’s mind. At this time, the disparity between Lin Ming’s strength and the strength of that terrifying soul couldn’t even be described as a firefly against the full moon!

In this moment of life or death, Lin Ming waved the Phoenix Blood Spear. Suddenly, a brilliant gold light blazed from between his eyes as he burned the blood of the Ancient Phoenix!

The power of thunder and fire within the Heretical God Seedling flooded out and wrapped around the Phoenix Blood Spear. With a thrust forwards, the power of thunderfire twisted around a blue lotus that hurtled straight towards the ancient soul!

The power of thunder was the nemesis of soul forms. Lin Ming pouring the power of thunder into the Blue Lotus Flame Dance was already using his complete strength!

He wanted to use the momentum from this attack to run away.

After all, this ancient soul might be the existence suppressed underneath the Divine Seal Array. If this were true, then even if it were incomparably powerful, it still had to be restricted by the sealing array formation. There was a chance that he could escape from here!


As the ancient soul saw the deep red...

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