Chapter 1148 – Ancient Spirit

Chapter 1148 – Ancient Spirit

The discovery of this strange space left Lin Ming shocked. There were far too many secrets hidden within the Divine Realm. Who knew just how many world-shattering battles had occurred before this mysterious ancient ruin was left behind?

An Empyrean was someone that held life and death in their hands. For them to display such an amazing technique and lay down this sealing array formation, just what reason could it have been for?

Lin Ming couldn’t help but glance at Fishy. He felt that if Fishy could find this place, there was no way she was a simple little mortal girl. Moreover, why would this place be secretly hidden deep beneath Immemorial Imperial City?

Could that Empyrean who laid down this massive sealing array be related to Immemorial Imperial City? Or, was it possible that Immemorial Imperial City was founded by that person to serve as the eye for this Divine Seal Array?

Far too many thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. “Fishy, is this the first time you’ve seen this place, or is it because you have some impressions of this area that you found it?”

Lin Ming’s question startled Mo Eversnow. She said with a true essence sound transmission,...

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