Chapter 1147 – Divine Seal Art

Chapter 1147 – Divine Seal Art

“This… this is… am I imagining things!?”

Lin Ming investigated a 10 mile radius around him with his sense. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

“How could there be such a massive violet sun crystal mine? No… that isn’t a violet sun crystal mine but an incomparably massive and pure violet sun crystal!”

Normally, violet sun crystals would come from violet sun stone mines. The violet sun stone mine that was located in the purple mountain within the Red Desolate Mystic Realm was already considered to contain top high-grade ores. But, the violet sun stones within were only tiny chunks that were sporadically located within the purple mountain. If one wished to dig them out, they needed to be constantly screened and purified.

This was the only method to obtain violet sun stones.

As for violet sun crystals, they were extremely rare crystallizations of energy located within violet sun stones mines. They were just like diamonds found within volcanic ash; they were very rare.

In the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, over a hundred Revolving Core martial artists had worked non-stop for several days to mine the purple mountain. They managed to mine several million violet sun stones, but only several tens of thousands of violet sun crystals....

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