Chapter 1145 – Marvelous Ability

Chapter 1145 – Marvelous Ability

“You can see the location of violet sun stones? Those people that captured you didn’t know this?” Lin Ming found this surprising. Violet sun stones and violet sun crystals were often buried deep underground, isolated by thick layers of soil. In addition, these layers of soil were often like the purple mountain in the Red Desolate Mystic Realm and had certain properties that could isolate divine sense. They were extremely difficult to discover. If Yan Littlefish had this ability, then just this point alone would cause countless underworld influences to compete for her.

Fishy shook her head. She clenched her small fists and said, “They were bad guys so I didn’t tell them. If I did, then it would have been really sad for me. I would have to rush every day to help them mine stuff, but the truth is if I look for things for too long then my head hurts and I will feel dizzy and sick.”

As Fishy spoke, Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow felt their hearts touched. Although Fishy was young and she didn’t have much courage, she was quite smart. A rhino would often die because of their horn and elephants were hunted for their pure white ivory tusks....

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