Chapter 1144 – Yan Littlefish

Chapter 1144 – Yan Littlefish

Lin Ming ignored that Mister Luo and moved towards the iron cage that was pushed away to the corner of the hall. Although the fight just now had been a bit violent, Lin Ming had intentionally tried to avoid harming the little girl. Even so, the wild and crazy explosions had caused her to pale.

Lin Ming grasped two of the metal rails and pulled, easily pulling apart the finger-thick metal bars.

“Come with me.” Lin Ming stretched out his hand towards the little girl, a warm and inviting smile on his face.

The little girl bit her lips and grabbed onto Lin Ming’s hand.

Like this, Lin Ming brought the girl with him and left the hall. His steps were slow and steady, with a vague and deep pressure exuding from him that echoed in the hall, making anyone not dare to do anything.

Mister Luo gulped, not speaking. Madame Luo’s beautiful face also paled. She retreated to a corner of the hall lest she attract Lin Ming’s ire.

Lin Ming and the little girl left the trading fair hall with no one stopping them.

After Lin Ming left, Mister Luo finally relaxed. He grit his teeth, taking out several pills from his spatial ring and swallowing them down.

Today he acknowledged that he got what he deserved!


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