Chapter 1143 – Oppression

Chapter 1143 – Oppression

If River Feather could think of this then so could the others. Even Yue Ironrock, who was lying on the ground in a puddle of blood, also felt his heart skip a beat in nervousness.

Lin Ming’s background had placed a great pressure on all of them.

Mister Luo struggled to support his body and get up. He bitterly smiled. Today, he had kicked a piece of iron. This boy Lin Ming was not some fat sheep that was free to be butchered, but rather a vicious wolf!

He barely managed to crawl onto his feet. Blood kept gushing out of the hole in the right side of his chest. As he looked at Lin Ming, his eyes were filled with fear and dread.

“Now, we will continue discussing the price!”

Lin Ming waved his hand and a red light flashed as the Phoenix Blood Spear was stashed away. He casually sat back down on the only remaining half-broken stone chair in the hall. He put down his hands and calmly stared at that Mister Luo.

This caused Mister Luo’s heart to shrink. Lin Ming obviously feared nothing. Even though this was his territory, this boy Lin Ming didn’t care at all.

In truth, Lin Ming was already being discrete and proportional in his actions. He had severely wounded Yue Ironrock and Mister Luo but didn’t kill them. In this environment, whether...

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