Chapter 1142 – Intimidating All Present

Chapter 1142 – Intimidating All Present

This Mister Luo was at the Divine Transformation realm!

Lin Ming was only at the ninth stage of Life Destruction!

From Divine Transformation to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, that was a disparity of over a large boundary! Even if Mister Luo wasn’t some earth-shaking genius, his strength still surpassed some of those lesser known Divine Transformation martial artists from small sects. It was already astonishing that Lin Ming’s fist had managed to severely wound Yue Ironrock, but compared to that, Lin Ming attacking Mister Luo was absolutely mind-boggling.

This was a Ninefall war god transformation!

“Brat, do you really think you are invincible!?” Mister Luo spat out as he clenched his jaws. Even so, he didn’t dare to look down on Lin Ming at all. Lin Ming had managed to severely wound Yue Ironrock. Although this was partly because Yue Ironrock had underestimated Lin Ming, Lin Ming was also attacking two of them at the same time and that counterattack had merely been a casual punch.

The difference in strength was clear!

Mister Luo drew backwards and took out a five foot long saber from his spatial ring. At the same time, his entire body began to blaze with black flames. These black flames condensed behind Mister Luo, forming the phantom of a hydra.


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