Chapter 1141 – To Strike A Stone With An Egg

Chapter 1141 – To Strike A Stone With An Egg

The situation had reached a deadlock. Yue Ironrock was unable to step down and matters could explode at any moment. One didn’t need eyes to see that Yue Ironrock had already been ruined. In terms of wealth, he had been oppressed by Lin Ming!

“This brat, could he have had some fortuitous encounter and picked up some massive treasure?”

Yue Ironrock’s thoughts raced. And at this time, a true essence sound transmission sounded out in his ears, coming from Mister Luo.

“Young Master Yue, it looks like we really ran into an idiot this time. That boy clearly wants that little girl no matter what. Whether he is some fool who is overcome by sympathy or because he really desires that violet sun stone embryo, this is an extremely rare opportunity to meet such a dumb and rich brat. How about we knock him down a notch? What do you say?”

“Mm?” Yue Ironrock was startled and then immediately understood. That Mister Luo wanted him to join forces and put out a fake price.

Putting out a false price wasn’t easy. Moreover, this was a matter that involved his face. If Lin Ming put out an incredibly high price then he could easily withdraw and then taunt Lin Ming with several words, letting him...

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