Chapter 1140 – The Mysterious Little Girl

Chapter 1140 – The Mysterious Little Girl

It wasn’t just Lin Ming, but everyone’s eyes turned to the little girl. Upon being looked at by so many powerhouses, especially since many of them had sharp eyes, the little girl was immediately frightened. She gulped and then hesitated for a moment, a bit of fear in her expression as she nodded and said, “I… I… I do have some impressions…”

“Where?” Lin Ming had some doubts. How could such a little girl that didn’t even have the strength to grab a chicken know about such a rare object when even people like Mister Luo and Madame Luo didn’t?

Moreover, could she really tell just from the description of the violet sun stone embryo he gave? How much worldly experience could a 11-12 year old little girl possibly have?

This simply wasn’t explainable at all.

When Lin Ming thought of this, the other guests also did too. Mister Luo narrowed his eyes at the little girl, his fingers gently drumming against the table as he asked, “How could you possibly know?”

“Hehe, good little children should be nice and obedient and also not lie!” Madame Luo laughed. Although her expression was soft, her tone contained a chilling taste that aroused fear. This...

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