Chapter 114 - Yang Lin’s Gift

Chapter 114 Yang Lin’s Gift.


Chapter 114 – Yang Lin’s Gift

Lin Ming had no interest or reason to be involved with the struggle for the royal throne. However, the Crown Prince and Muyi had shown graciousness towards him. If not for the Crown Prince sending a sound transmitting talisman to help him on the day of the Seven Profound Martial House’s entrance examination, then Lin Ming would not have been able to participate. Not only that, but he would have been miserably put in jail, and even disabled.

Lin Ming was a considerate person who returned good deeds and favors that others did for him. Being selfish and ungrateful was not part of his nature. If he ever did such a thing, then that would be a true betrayal of his heart.

He frankly asked, ‘Your Highness, how can I help you?”

Yang Lin did not expect Lin Ming to get straight to the point. It was quite refreshing. He smiled and said, “Brother Lin, you are a straightforward person who speaks his mind. Then I will also be blunt. Right now in the Sky Fortune Kingdom, it is time for a new person to inherit the throne. There are two possible candidates that can do so; me and my tenth younger brother. I was pushed into the position of Crown Prince. As such, now that I’ve ridden the tiger, I can no longer back down. Now, my queen mother’s life, and my younger sister’s life are already linked with mine. I have...

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