Chapter 1139 – News of the Violet Sun Stone Embryo

Chapter 1139 – News of the Violet Sun Stone Embryo

“Interesting, how interesting!” River Feather rubbed his chin. If one had this sort of physique and was able to eat violet sun stones and transform that into their cultivation, then one’s martial talent would truly defy the heavens. He looked at the little girl’s dantian, wanting to see what her cultivation was, but as he looked, he frowned. This little girl’s dantian was completely void, without even a hint of true essence. She had not cultivated at all.

“Mm? She hasn’t cultivated yet?”

“This…” A flash of embarrassment passed over Mister Luo’s face. “She cannot cultivate.”

Madame Luo laughed. She said, “She cannot cultivate, but that is only because we have temporarily been unable to figure out how she cultivates. If she eats up so many violet sun crystals, how can she not be able to cultivate? We have searched through countless texts, all the way from the ancient era to contemporary times, and yet we still haven’t been able to figure out just what sort of variation physique she possesses. The little girl is singularly unique. Moreover, the price we ask isn’t too high, only 2 million violet sun stones and then you can take her away. If you are...

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