Chapter 1138 – The Little Girl Who Eats Violet Sun Crystals

Chapter 1138 – The Little Girl Who Eats Violet Sun Crystals

The treasures that the early Divine Transformation man took out immediately attracted everyone’s eyes.

The specialty of this trade fair that attracted so many people was its strange and uncommon treasures.

“How interesting. Let me take a look.”

A tall, thin youth with a forked beard took that bone shard and investigated it.

Another youth took that white rubber object and also studied it.

“Miss Mo, what do you think those two objects are?” Lin Ming asked Mo Eversnow with a true essence sound transmission.

Mo Eversnow thought for a moment and then said, “That bone shard has a language written on it that stems from an extremely ancient era of the Divine Realm. It should be the language once used by the Saint race… that is already billions of years, even a matter of 10 billion years ago. At that time, the Laws of this world hadn’t yet changed and body transformation techniques were quite mainstream in the world of martial artists. That incomplete bone shard should be similar to a jade slip, or rather, it’s best to call it a bone slip. There should be some type of records located within it.”

As Mo Eversnow spoke, these objects were passed to Lin Ming....

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