Chapter 1137 – Private Trading Fair

Chapter 1137 – Private Trading Fair

“Oh? What sort of materials? Sir Lin, you have stumbled into the right person! My River Family has over 100 stores in Immemorial Imperial City. If there are any of these materials then I can help purchase them for you and also give you a 10% discount.”

As River Feather spoke, Lin Ming was pleasantly surprised. He reiterated the materials that Mo Eversnow said were needed to refine the Esoteric Immortality Pill. The Celestial Tyrant Manual was originally a body transformation law formula found together with the Magic Cube. No one knew of it, thus there wasn’t any problem in handing out this list of materials.

The truth was that even if they knew, a body transformation cultivation method wasn’t enough to arouse anyone’s interest, thus Lin Ming didn’t have any worries when sharing this list.

River Feather took the list of materials and swept over it. He was immediately puzzled. The materials that Lin Ming wanted were far stranger than what he expected and many of them were extremely valuable and precious commodities.

These materials… just what sort of pill would they be used for?

River Feather had an extremely keen understanding towards alchemy and was also familiar with the properties of all sorts...

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