Chapter 1136 – Taking the Treasures

Chapter 1136 – Taking the Treasures

As Lin Ming entered the grand hall of Starbind Bank, several young martial artists caught notice of him.

“That person… did you see him?” A youth said with a true essence sound transmission.

“Eh? His aura isn’t bad. This sort of feeling should come from some specially raised genius from a large sect or noble family.” A white-clothed youth leisurely said, swinging a fan as he did so. He noticed Lin Ming had a ninth stage Life Destruction cultivation and he was also an outstanding one amongst them. Such a person likely came from a widely renowned sect or family.

“Mm? He went in. The inner temple of Starbind Bank is only for three-star guests to deposit and withdraw violet sun crystals. That young man really must come from some wonderful influence.

“Haha, Young River is too humble. Besides some major influences, there aren’t many others that can compare with your River Family. As for a three-star guest, Young River has long since become one…”

These people jollily laughed as they spoke. Although they spoke with true essence sound transmissions, they didn’t hide their eyes and expressions. Lin Ming naturally noticed that they were talking about him.

After Lin Ming entered Starbind Bank, he intentionally exuded the aura of a powerhouse. This Immemorial Imperial City was a place where everyone...

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