Chapter 1135 – Immemorial Imperial City

Chapter 1135 – Immemorial Imperial City

The True Martial World in which Carefree Island was located was extremely vast, even a level greater than Atlas World, the world where Phoenix Cry Palace was located!

Of the great worlds of the Divine Realm, what decided which was larger and smaller was not their mass or area. Rather, it was the number of powerhouses as well as their quality.

And in a great world, over 90% of the powerhouses would be located on the main continent. Each main continent of a Divine Realm great world had an incalculable area to it.

Although Carefree Island was also considered to be on the main continent of True Martial World, it was at the farthest edges of the sea – the Red Desolate Sea. The truly large top sects, such as those Holy Lands, peak Holy Lands, and even World King level Holy Lands were located near the greater central areas of these main continents.

This region had an incomparably rich stock of resources. There was also an extremely high number of mystic realms, and even the middle ranked of these mystic realms was much more bountiful than the Red Desolate Mystic Realm.

However, although these mystic realms were rich in resources, what they produced was only violet sun stones, violet sun crystals, or some other basic low level materials. The best point about...

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