Chapter 1133 – Divide

Chapter 1133 – Divide

At this time, the Magic Cube had shifted to Lin Ming’s dantian. After crossing Ninefall, there was clearly some tremendous change that occurred in his dantian.

His dantian had become larger and the revolving core crystal nucleus became smaller. All around the revolving core crystal nucleus there was slight spatial warping, and a light fog floated around it. This fog was a bit similar to elementary grandmist energy.

Strictly speaking, his was no longer a revolving core crystal nucleus but a world seed.

At the formation of the universe, what happened was that all of the grandmist energy gathered into a singularity. This singularity constantly absorbed energy, compressing it over and over again, and when that energy reached the limit it would erupt!

After erupting, the energy would cool down, forming space, time, yin and yang, the five elements, and finally evolving into all of life.

This was the so-called great eruption of the universe. The Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds and the lower realm’s billion boundless worlds, all of these were formed after this explosion. And before this explosion, neither time nor space existed.

And a martial artist’s cultivation process was similar to this great eruption.

The human body was a small universe!

The evolution of the...

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