Chapter 1132 – Mystery of the Black Bead

Chapter 1132 – Mystery of the Black Bead


Lin Ming’s right hand reached out and grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear.

In Lin Ming’s hand, the Phoenix Blood Spear emitted an excited cry. He could clearly sense a connected feeling coming from the Phoenix Blood Spear as if they shared the same flesh and blood. At this moment, the Phoenix Blood Spear seemed to be an extension of his own body.

Wisps of light began to spin above the shaft of the Phoenix Blood Spear.

Everything in this world had its own extreme habitat. Birds flew in the skies, tigers stalked through the forests, dragons ruled over the seas, and the extreme of the Phoenix Blood Spear happened to be Lin Ming’s hand, the place where it could display its greatest combat strength!

“Good! Very good! I never thought that even you would obtain the tempering of heavenly tribulation and rise into a spirit artifact. From now on, you will be my comrade as we wander through and surmount the world!”

As Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, in that instant his valor and heroic spirit seemed to rise 100,000 feet into the heavens!

In comparison to martial artists who had lived for such a long time, Lin Ming was far too young. Even if he were several thousand years old, if he was converted to mortal years he would still only have been in his teens. Lin Ming...

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