Chapter 1130 - Refining Heavenly Tribulation

Chapter 1130 - Refining Heavenly Tribulation

Originally, all of Lin Ming’s flesh had cracked apart, and the glistening white bones of his arms, legs, and chest were revealed. One could even count his ribs. There were also bones that were dislocated from the pressure. Even though Lin Ming’s bones were tough, they still couldn’t resist the continued grinding from the two primal chaos diagrams!

After his flesh reached such an appearance, his meridians and blood vessels also became tattered. His organs were almost squashed into mush, becoming a pile of messy goo.

The only complete body part he had was his brain. Within the protection of his skull, his spiritual sea hadn’t been damaged at all. Even so, for a person devolved to such a miserable state, there wasn’t any meaning left in having a complete brain.

This sort of condition could have been described as undoubtable death!

If a normal martial artist were to look like Lin Ming now then they would have already completely died! A Life Destruction martial artist had a stronger life force than a common mortal, but if their heart was pierced,...

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