Chapter 113 - The Tenth Prince’s Decision

Chapter 113 The Tenth Prince’s Decision.


Chapter  113 – The Tenth Prince’s Decision

At this moment, the Tenth Prince noticed Lan Yunyue. He had thought that Lan Yunyue was a maidservant, but after noting the fine clothes Lan Yunyue was wearing, he realised that he had been mistaken. “You are… Lan Yunyue?

Lan Yunyue regained her composure and bowed to the Tenth Prince, “Lan Yunyue greets His Highness the Cloud Prince.”

The Tenth Prince looked up and down at Lan Yunyue. He sneered derisively and said, “Good! What a charmingly pitiful and pathetic appearance. No wonder Lin Ming was so utterly crazy for you. It’s such a pity. If you were still friends with Lin Ming, then I might have been able to find you some value in you. But now… looking at you only makes me sick to my stomach.”

The Tenth Prince spoke mercilessly, disregarding her feelings. Lan Yunyue paled; how could a girl withstand such cruel words being said to her?

“Leave!” The Tenth Prince dismissed Lan Yunyue with a wave of his hand.

Lan Yunyue bit her lip as she fought back the tears that were pooling in her eyes. She bowed, and excused herself.

As Lan Yunyue walked out, the Tenth Prince stepped back. Finally, the only ones left in the room were the Tenth Prince and Zhu Yan.

The Tenth Prince glared at Zhu Yan, and coldly said,...

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