Chapter 1128 – Spirit Artifact Spear

Chapter 1128 – Spirit Artifact Spear

The Phoenix Blood Spear seemed to develop a mind of its own. It cried, rapidly oscillating as if it wanted to fly out. This was beyond what a normal top grade saint artifact could achieve!

Although a peak saint artifact had wisdom, that was only spiritual wisdom; it didn’t possess true self-awareness, otherwise that would be a spirit artifact.

The core of a spirit artifact was the ‘spirit’. It had a spiritual will of its own. It could move, it could fly away to escape, it could automatically attack the enemy, and for a spirit artifact that reached a high boundary, it could even draw array formations on its own and utilize the Heavenly Dao Laws.

A saint artifact did not possess such abilities. Even moving on its own was impossible. The only chance for that to happen was if its master had died and sealed a part of their fading will and soul into the saint artifact to control it. For instance, the Argent White Sword found in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp was such an example.

Now, the Phoenix Blood Spear in Mo Riverbliss’s hand was clearly not the same situation as the Argent White Sword, otherwise that would mean Lin Ming had died.

“An intelligent saint artifact… is this a spirit artifact!? No, it’s still a tiny step away from reaching such a boundary. It hasn’t formed a complete artifact spirit; this could only be considered an elementary artifact spirit! But, becoming...

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