Chapter 1127 – Large Success Battle Spirit

Chapter 1127 – Large Success Battle Spirit

Yin yang was second only to the power of grandmist. What came right after grandmist was yin and yang.

Yin yang energy filled the skies, weaving together into lines filled with truths. An indescribable sense of chaos fell over everyone. Even the Elders and direct disciples of Carefree Island that were far away from the range of the heavenly tribulation felt as if they would die at any moment in the face of this yin yang tribulation!

This pure black and white that flooded the world, enveloping all of existence between the heavens and earth, left behind an incomparably suffocating feeling. Facing this, one felt as if their very soul would fade away! Some martial artists with an unsteady will and a weak battle spirit fell into despair, as if their lives had lost all meaning. They felt as if they could accept dying right here and right now.

This sort of feeling left all of them cold with sweat seeping out of their palms.

If they developed such suicidal thoughts just by gazing upon that yin yang tribulation, then if they had to face it head-on and be submerged within it, the despair they would feel could be imagined!

A normal martial artist might just sever their own meridians and kill themselves!

This yin yang tribulation was not just a catastrophe...

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