Chapter 1126 – Boiling With Blood

Chapter 1126 – Boiling With Blood

At this time, Lin Ming was half buried in scorched earth and his body was charred black. His flesh body had withered away; this was the result of the black wind tribulation blowing over him. If this wind tribulation blew through a mountain peak, it would turn that mountain peak into powder. If it blew upon a normal martial artist, that martial artist would completely dry out, leaving nothing but a mummified husk behind.

Like this, that wind tribulation had poured into Lin Ming’s body. His long hair had withered away and his skin had ruptured, scorched. Flakes of burnt skin floated into the wind, turning into dust that fell down.

The reason that Lin Ming ended up in such a situation was 90% because of the wind tribulation. With the twin wind and thunder tribulations, the majority of the thunder tribulation had been suppressed by the Heretical God Sprout. Otherwise, the situation would have been devastating.

The Heretical God Force was truly worthy of being called a transcendent divine might. A normal cultivation method followed the Heavenly Dao Laws to display a semblance of combat strength, and even a peak heaven-step cultivation method was only able to apply the Heavenly Dao Laws to the extreme.

However, only a transcendent divine might was able to control the Heavenly Dao to a certain degree; it was a cultivation method capable of altering...

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