Chapter 1125 – Nine By Nine Life Destruction

Chapter 1125 – Nine By Nine Life Destruction

Starlight shined from the heavens. Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, his long hair recklessly fluttering in the wind as blood vitality surged within him!

From all around, the Elders of Carefree Palace fell into a deep silence. Lin Ming had really crossed the five element grand tribulation. He had done so by relying on his powerful vitality as well as his enduring willpower!

Now, his blood and flesh began to regenerate as his wounds slowly healed over.

“He’s crossed the five element grand tribulation. Although Lin Ming was seriously injured, once he recovers his benefits will be enormous! This is truly incredible. For Lin Ming to arrive at this step is not just a perfect Ninefall, but something that exists even beyond Ninefall, giving him more and more benefits.”

Mo Riverbliss’s voice shivered as she spoke. This was just like an imperial civil service examination of the mortal world. Lin Ming had crossed Ninefall and had reached 33 Layered Heavens; this could be considered a perfect score. This was enough to become the number one scholar of the land. But, above a perfect score were additional subjects. The five element tribulation that Lin Ming passed could be considered equal to these additional subjects.

For Lin Ming to reach this step could be said to be serendipity. This was not something that a genius could do if they wished it. One needed countless lucky chances aligning...

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