Chapter 1124 – Brutal

Chapter 1124 – Brutal

In the five elements, wood origin energy had the attribute of growing endlessly. As Lin Ming was wrapped in these world roots, he suddenly drew out the Phoenix Blood Spear.

Although his entire body was bathed in blood at this time, his combat strength was still in its peak state. Not only did his blood vitality not show the slightest hint of diminishing, it actually billowed forth like a rocket, hurtling through the endless skies!


With a wave of the Phoenix Blood Spear, a massive amount of sharp wood-attribute world roots were cut off. However, more and more world roots shot up from the ground, coiling around Lin Ming’s body like countless threads of twine.

Ka ka ka!

All of Lin Ming’s joints emitted explosive crackling sounds. These world roots held unimaginable power within them; even a saint artifact would have been instantly twisted to scrap!

“Phoenix blood essence, burn for me!”

Lin Ming roared. From inside his body, the phoenix blood essence lit up. A blazing golden light burst out from between his eyebrows and a dark gold phoenix phantom appeared behind Lin Ming, spreading out its wings wide.

The first three level Concepts of Fire had been fused together into one. After Lin Ming absorbed a massive amount of Heavenly Dao Law Fragments from his Ninefall, even though he hadn’t had time to thoroughly digest them,...

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