Chapter 1123 – Five Element Grand Tribulation

Chapter 1123 – Five Element Grand Tribulation

In the skies, the origin energy cloud was still tumbling. But, no matter how much it condensed, it still wouldn’t surpass 99 miles. And within it, changes were constantly occurring, as if the clouds were evolving.

Lin Ming absorbed a massive amount of the power of Laws within the origin energy cloud. But, there was still a part of it that wasn’t absorbed by Lin Ming and had remained within the origin energy cloud.

Lin Ming’s body was still soaking within the origin energy cloud, floating within it.

“Lin Ming finished his Ninefall. Why hasn’t he come down yet?”

Carefree Island’s Elders were unsure of what was happening. As for Mo Eversnow, her delicate eyebrows were pressed together. She too had no idea what would happen after a perfect 33 Layered Heavens Life Destruction.

Five-colored lightning sparked in the skies. Then, a melodic sound like a grand morning bell burst out into the sky, echoing without end.

This sort of sound was vast and ghostly, like a massive bronze bell ringing to the ends of the earth. As the disciples of Carefree Island heard this sound, they felt all of the blood within their bodies swell up. Their heartbeats drummed in rhythm to this divine sound, and a trace of enlightenment even occurred between every heartbeat.

“Mm? This sound is…”

“It’s the sound of the Great...

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