Chapter 1121 – The Riddle of the Magic Cube

Chapter 1121 – The Riddle of the Magic Cube

In the origin energy cloud above Carefree Island’s skies, the dragon and phoenix-engraved Prime Emperor Red Lotus bloomed alongside the fire and thunder rune-covered Heretical God Sprout!

Not only did a phenomenon appear during Lin Ming’s Ninefall, but there were even two of them!

Two different transcendent divine mights each produced their own phenomenon!

At this time, Xiao Haogan felt as if his heart had withered away. As for the other 11 Elders responsible for managing the concealing array formation, all of them were pale. They were struggling to resist the Heavenly Dao Laws, but even the aftermath shockwaves of the Heavenly Dao Laws weren’t something that Divine Lord powerhouses could withstand!

Originally, it was already difficult for them to withstand the red lotus phenomenon. But now, this unknown sprout that appeared out of nowhere left them miserable beyond compare. They were rapidly reaching their breaking point!

Mo Eversnow noticed this and said, “Aunty, those 12 Elders might not be able to last much longer, you’ll need to send several more people. In the past, when the Conch World King crossed his Ninefall, a supreme conch phenomenon appeared and its sound spread out for 800,000 miles, and there was no barrier that could obstruct it. This no longer has anything to...

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