Chapter 112 - Crazy Zhu Yan

Chapter 112 Crazy Zhu Yan.


Chapter 112 – Crazy Zhu Yan

In order to avoid the eyes and ears of the Crown Prince, Wang Gan circled around the Cloud Prince’s palace a few times. He had wrapped himself in a cloak and entered the palace through the back door. Like this, he had come to the Cloud Prince to especially explain why he had been at the Crown Prince’s banquet, and also to report on the evil doings of Zhu Yan. The Tenth Prince probably wouldn’t like to hear about Zhu Yan, but Wang Gan had his own spin to add to the story.

He did not directly explain why he went to the Crown Prince’s palace and attended his banquet. Instead, he began by borrowing the Tenth Prince’s status in the army, and reporting to him about military affairs. He recommended to the Tenth Prince a brave father and son pair that had performed many meritorious military services. From this, he went back and forth on the greatness of such a father and son pairing, and then woefully sighed to himself about how his own household had suffered such misfortune and raised such a useless child. He then slowly edged in the matter of several months ago, where his good-for-nothing evil child had provoked Lin Ming, and then accidently dropped Zhu Yan’s name…

How could the Cloud Prince not know the meaning behind Wang Gan’s story? When he heard Wang Gan...

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