Chapter 1118 Surging Origin Energy Clouds

Chapter 1118 – Surging Origin Energy Clouds

The Elders of Carefree Island were all Divine Lord realm powerhouses. In their opinion, for an inferior three levels Ninefall genius to become a Divine Lord master wasn’t a problem. In terms of experience and knowledge, they were far inferior to Xiao Haogan.

Xiao Haogan humphed and said, “Humph, who cares about crossing a 12 Layered Heavens Ninefall. Do you think that a 12 Layered Heavens Ninefall is mind-bogglingly amazing or something? In fact, in the vast Divine Realm there are countless geniuses that achieve a 12 Layered Heavens Ninefall! I even saw with my own eyes a genius of a Holy Land crossing an extreme three levels 11 Layered Heavens!”

As Xiao Haogan spoke, many Elders oohed and aahed in exclaim. To witness an extreme three levels Life Destruction was also a small lucky chance. It was similar to a mortal being able to see a meteor shower. It was a rare occurrence that could arouse one’s curiosity and give some minor inspirations.

“So Great Elder has already experienced an extreme three levels Ninefall.”

“Mm! A Nine Layered Heavens Ninefall genius, if they don’t die, will easily become a Holy Lord in the future. Then, above that is the 10 Layered Heavens to the 12 Layered Heavens. Those that can achieve this can smoothly and steadily enter the Holy Lord realm. Those martial artists will one day manage to achieve large success in the Holy Lord realm. The difference between an ordinary Holy Lord and a large success Holy Lord is immense! That woman has spent so many resources to raise Lin Ming, and then if that is added to his already decent talent, there’s nothing strange about being able to raise a large success Holy Lord!”

Xiao Haogan sneered, speaking with disdain. Lin Ming was an incomparably monstrous talent, but from his mouth he had called Lin Ming a decent talent instead. As the Elders present heard this, their expressions became a bit strange. Xiao Haogan was apparently unwilling to toss Lin Ming any praise.

“It is said that a high level Ninefall will have a world phenomenon following it. Great Elder, do you think that a 12 Layered Heavens Ninefall would have any type of world phenomenon?”

Another Elder asked. According to the ancient texts, a high level Ninefall would always be accompanied by worldly phenomena. It was said all of these various phenomena would be animated differently according to that martial artist’s experiences and strengths. For instance, there were world phenomena that followed a martial artist’s cultivation methods, martial intents, battle spirit, and other such facets of their martial arts.

There were even some famous martial artists that would gain a future title from the world phenomenon produced during their Ninefall. For instance, the Great World King of True Martial Great World had a special title – the Conch World King.

The reason that he had such a strange title was that during his Ninefall, the origin energy clouds around him had naturally condensed into the form of a giant conch phantom. Then, that conch had emitted a terrifying sound that had passed out for over 800,000 miles. Its sound had been able to crack stone, a rumbling thunder that continued for infinity.

Through a radius of 800,000 miles, there was no barrier that could stop this sound.

This was also a reasonable matter. In the past, the Conch World King’s cultivation had been at the ninth stage of Life Destruction. But, the penetrating power of that sound had been irrelevant to his cultivation, because the sound had come from the Heavenly Dao Laws.

How could any sort of ordinary sound barrier prevent the sound formed by the world Laws?

“World phenomenon? It’s not that simple at all! Do you think world phenomena are like cabbages you can buy from some street stall? The reason that phenomena are called phenomena is that very few of them appear! Let alone 10 Layered Heavens to Twelve Layers Heavens, even 13 Layered Heavens to 15 Layered Heavens wouldn’t produce a world phenomenon! A world phenomenon needs even higher Layered Heavens to appear!”

“How high is higher? What is above the absolute three levels?”

“That’s right, I’m also curious. Just how many Layered Heavens can Ninefall achieve?”

In the world of martial artists, all inheritances were kept under extremely strict control. Rare cultivation methods, array formation principles, alchemy skills, Heavenly Dao Laws, and even training experience, all of them were tightly controlled within a sect. It was impossible for a low level sect to know what was recorded in the ancient texts of a World King level Holy Land. Thus, to these Elders, the mysteries of higher level Ninefalls had always been a riddle.

Of course, Xiao Haogan didn’t know that much more than the Elders present. As they asked him this question, he was immediately stumped for an answer.

He opened his mouth before closing it, pausing for a moment and then vaguely saying, “There’s no meaning in the likes of us knowing these types of things. In any case, we can’t do anything with that information. But, during Lin Ming’s Ninefall process, we can at least understand the process of an extreme three levels Ninefall. I can only hope that Lin Ming won’t disappoint us too much. If he fails his Ninefall because his body transformation boundary is too high, that will simply be a joke.”

As Xiao Haogan spoke, a massive explosion rang outside. The heaven and earth origin energy around Carefree Island violently shook. In that moment, the heaven and earth origin energy vortex that was spinning around was vigorously stirred up, as if there was some change happening to it.

Xiao Haogan’s eyes widened. “Mm? It looks like Lin Ming succeeded in his Life Destruction and he is about to reform his mortal body. Also, I suppose his body transformation boundary isn’t too high. If it was too high then his body wouldn’t have broken down enough and he would have failed in his Ninefall.

“Everyone man your stations. Although this is making a big fuss over nothing, it is still an order from that woman. We cannot disobey her, so we should at least put on some semblance of effort.”

As Xiao Haogan spoke, the other 11 Elders flew to their positions. They began to control the array formations and strengthen them to conceal any strange occurrences.

At this time, deep in Carefree Palace, Lin Ming was in a completely liquid state of flesh, blood, and bone. After being tempered for over a month, he was indeed reaching the final act of his Ninefall.

And for a martial artist that was crossing Ninefall, this final moment was the most critical time throughout the entire process. That was because this point was when a martial artist was completely reforming their body from the basics, and truly stepping onto the road of god, where they would undergo the baptism of the Heavenly Dao Laws. This was the so called ritual of becoming god!

During the ritual of becoming god, the true origin energy clouds would form. This ritual would decide how many Layered Heavens a martial artist crossed. A martial artist would bathe in these origin energy clouds, directly fusing with the fragments of the world Laws. If they could thoroughly fuse with these Laws, the Great Dao runes would be carved into their very flesh and blood. The advantages this gave to one’s future cultivation could be imagined!


After continuing for a month without rest, Mo Riverbliss appeared a bit exhausted. She took a deep breath, her sharp eyesight seeming to pierce through Carefree Island and see the heaven and earth origin energy gathering outside.

She knew that this was the final stretch. This moment was the fruit of all her cumulative efforts!

This moment would tell her whether or not Mo Eversnow’s judgment was correct, and whether or not it was worth her effort to exhaust herself for a month and use up the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. This would tell her whether or not her painstaking effort of was worth it, and just what limits Lin Ming would be able to arrive to in the future. From this final Ninefall moment, from how many of the Heavenly Dao Laws Lin Ming would bathe in, one would be able to estimate his future potential!

To seek Ninefall and find the Nine Divine Shifts – the ninth stage of Life Destruction was the transitional point from when a mortal became divine. Before a martial artist became a Holy Lord, this would be their most important boundary. It could be called the foundation of them becoming divine!

If this foundation was solid, they could form a vast monument hundreds of thousands of feet high atop of it. If this foundation was shaky, it would be difficult to take even the tiniest step into the Divine Lord realm.

Hu hu hu - !

Winds surged between the heavens and earth. Heaven and earth origin energy tumbled about like endless waves. The origin energy cloud hadn’t yet started to form, but a series of changes was already occurring in the skies above Carefree Island.

All around Carefree Palace, the Elders who managed the array formation watched this scene that seemed to discolor the world. An Elder whispered, “Great Elder, the origin energy cloud should be forming soon. Looking at this momentum, it shouldn’t be minor at all…”

“Mm, it… it should be… quite large.”

Xiao Haogan gulped, nodding. As for what this origin energy cloud would be like, he hadn’t the slightest idea in his heart.

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