Chapter 1117 – Ninefall Realm

Chapter 1117 – Ninefall Realm

Rumble rumble!

The surging heaven and earth origin energy had already formed a giant rainbow-hued vortex that extended for several hundred miles outwards. The rainbow vortex’s center dropped down to Carefree Palace, similar to a titanic funnel whose end connected to Carefree Palace.

Carefree Palace gathered more and more of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy. This origin energy was so thick that it had condensed into mist. Most of this mist was sucked into Carefree Palace, but some still remained outside where it formed origin energy rain.

With such a massive amount of heaven and earth origin energy that had Carefree Palace at its epicenter, the richness of this origin energy could be imagined!

As for Lin Ming, his seclusion spot was right there.

The Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree had been completely refined by Mo Riverbliss. When this incomparably pure energy that inherently contained the Source Laws entered Lin Ming’s body, his withered body began to emit a blindingly bright light.

At this time, Lin Ming’s body seemed to be dried up without the least bit of vitality. But, this was a phenomenon caused by the Ten Severing Dao Fruits. If one used a saint artifact to slash at Lin Ming’s body, they would find that he was still as hard as divine iron. Although his flesh,...

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