Chapter 1116 – Attacking Ninefall

Chapter 1116 – Attacking Ninefall

In a dimensional realm of Carefree Palace, moonlight fell over the world, sprinkling down like grains of silver sand. Between the vast dark blue endless skies, great rivers of stars flowed to the endless horizon, mysterious and silent.

Underneath this sky, Lin Ming was floating in the air in a cross-legged position. His long hair fluttered in the night wind. As he opened his eyes, his pupils were clearer than pure mountain spring pools. At this time, he was like an immortal god, bathing in endless starlight, proud and independent from the world.

Mo Riverbliss floated in front of Lin Ming. Her hands twisted together rapidly, spitting out thousands upon thousands of runes that covered the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. At this moment, the old and withered Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree was glowing with endless vitality....

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