Chapter 1115 Ten Severing Dao

Chapter 1115 – Ten Severing Dao

“What? Lin Ming is about to cross Ninefall and he wants the 12 of us to serve as his Protectors, and also to seal up the sect?”

News of Lin Ming crossing Ninefall was spread out by Mo Riverbliss, with the arrangements being made by Xiao Skywhite. This was because Mo Riverbliss estimated that the momentum coming from Lin Ming’s Ninefall crossing wouldn’t be small at all. Moreover, this momentum would form origin energy clouds that would naturally condense the Heavenly Dao Laws. There were endless profound mysteries contained within these Laws and they were extremely difficult to conceal.

If the momentum was too great then it would be easy to attract attention from other influences. Whether it was people knowing that someone was crossing Ninefall, or whether they mistook it for some heavenly material being born, any situation that brought attention would be troublesome. After all, Carefree Island was a sect with an extremely shallow background and Mo Riverbliss didn’t want to draw too much attention to herself. Thus, the wisest choice was for Lin Ming to cross Ninefall in the most subdued way possible.

Concealing the Heavenly Dao Laws’ fluctuations wasn’t some trifling matter that could be easily done by herself. Thus, Mo Riverbliss had Xiao Skywhite gather 12 Elders to arrange a great concealing array formation to shield the origin energy fluctuations that would come from Lin Ming’s Ninefall. This was how his Ninefall would pass in the most muted way possible and how they would overcome this trial.

“Is this a joke? An Eightfall junior is attacking Ninefall and yet we have to seal up the sect for this? The 12 of us also have to serve as his Protectors to conceal the heaven and earth origin energy fluctuations? Isn’t this making a big deal over nothing at all? If someone didn’t have inside information and knew that he was crossing Ninefall, they would think he was attacking the Holy Lord realm! If he has such great momentum when crossing Ninefall, wouldn’t the heavens shatter when he attacks the Divine Lord realm?”

“This is indeed a bit strange.”

Great Elder Xiao Haogan drily said. He was among the 12 Elders that had been gathered together for this event.

There were many people of Carefree Island that weren’t too satisfied with this sudden overlord Mo Riverbliss who had popped up out of nowhere. As soon as she appeared, her first words were a bunch of fantastical and improbable possibilities as she unfolded her so-called ‘grand plan’. Then, she took away the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree and now even passed out such a bizarre order. She wanted 12 Divine Lord realm Elders to help serve as Protectors for an Eightfall junior attacking Ninefall.

How could they feel comfortable about this in their hearts?

Island Master Xiao Skywhite frowned. “You all had best be a bit more serious. Lin Ming’s current strength is indeed nothing to you now, but the origin energy cloud fluctuations will come from the Heavenly Dao Laws. His strength is irrelevant to this. This will be equal to you concealing the worldly fluctuations of the Great Dao itself; it won’t be easy!”

“Gee, this really does sound so kick ass. Are you saying that we’ll have to resist the Heavenly Dao Laws?” Xiao Haogan mocked. When a martial artist crossed Ninefall, it was indeed true that they would summon the Heavenly Dao Laws. But, these Heavenly Dao Laws would only baptize a martial artist with some Law fragments, it wouldn’t attack them at all. If one said they had to resist the Heavenly Dao Laws, that was truly strange.

Xiao Skywhite’s face darkened. “These are Senior’s commands! You all had best not screw this up, or the consequences will be dire!”

While Lin Ming was crossing Ninefall, Mo Riverbliss had to help him refine the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. As for Xiao Skywhite, he had to control Carefree Palace so that there was enough heaven and earth origin energy supplied to him. The mission of concealing the origin energy cloud fluctuations naturally fell on the shoulders of these Elders.

“That’s right. The Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree has already been taken by Senior to where Lin Ming is closing up in Carefree Island. From now on, there will no longer be Ten Severing Dao Fruits. As for the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Wine, there will only be what remains in the sect treasure vaults, so do not use it as you please.”

Xiao Skywhite’s words suddenly startled Xiao Haogan. “What do you mean? The Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree was brought to where Lin Ming is in seclusion? Could that woman be planning on using the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree to help Lin Ming cross Ninefall?”

As Xiao Haogan thought of this, his eyes widened to plates. He had originally thought that Mo Riverbliss was planning to keep the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree to help Lin Ming cross the Divine Lord realm in the future, or perhaps even attack the Holy Lord realm. But, she was actually planning on using it to help Lin Ming cross Ninefall?

Even an absolute waste of nature’s gifts couldn’t describe this!

“Yes.” Xiao Skywhite nodded.

“What!? What kind of joke is this!? That is a whole Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree! Even using it to attack the Divine Lord realm would be a waste, but to use it to cross Ninefall!? That is beyond careless!”

Xiao Skywhite looked at Xiao Haogan and said, “Lin Ming is a dual body and energy cultivator. It is already extremely difficult to cross Ninefall to begin with. Moreover… to seek Ninefall is to find the Nine Divine Shifts. The ninth stage of Life Destruction is one of the most important realms in a martial artist’s life. They will have to withstand the baptism of the Heavenly Dao Laws during this realm. Naturally, the more accumulations one has, the more potent it will be and the greater the advantages one will obtain. With Lin Ming’s strength, I have no idea what sort of materials or medicines will satisfy his requirements for crossing the Divine Lord realm in the future…”

“Dual body and energy cultivation?”

Xiao Haogan met the eyes of everyone around him, seeing incredible disbelief reflected in them all. “Lin Ming is a dual body and energy cultivator?”

The truth was that it wasn’t difficult to find out if one dual cultivated body and energy. It was just that they had never seen Lin Ming fight with their own eyes and they also didn’t especially use their divine sense to examine Lin Ming’s cultivation. Thus, they naturally had no idea that Lin Ming also dual cultivated in the body transformation system.

In the Divine Realm, there was a minority of martial artists that would practice the Eight Inner Hidden Gates in order to open the gate that increased perception, the Gate of Opening. But, that was only an extremely superficial attempt. They would stop after opening the Gate of Opening and only resume in their body transformation technique after completing the Life Destruction realm, all in order to create less trouble when crossing Ninefall.

In fact, if they could not perfectly open the Gate of Opening, then the perception they gained would also be limited. It could only be described as a weak effect.

In short, dual body and energy cultivating martial artists were extremely rare in the Divine Realm. Only a few peak geniuses of super Holy Lands would dare to tread such a path. For instance, the descendants of Empyreans or the most wonderful successors of Great World Kings were such people. Only when one had so much talent that they didn’t know what to do with it, and so many resources that they couldn’t even throw them away fast enough, would someone choose such an arduous and difficult path like dual body and energy cultivation. Every person that chose this path was a monstrous genius; they could only be described as abnormal freaks. And listening to Xiao Skywhite’s words, it was clear that Lin Ming was this type of person!

“Insane! He’s too insane! I believed that this mysterious woman’s thoughts of training Lin Ming into a Great World King were nothing more than a fantasy, but he could at least become a powerful Holy Lord. Now, I finally know that Lin Ming is a dual body and energy cultivator. Does he think that his father is an Empyrean or something? Where is he going to get so many resources? And even if he has these resources, how can he guarantee that he will be successful in his cultivation?”

“That’s right. This is truly a bottomless pit. Upon reaching the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, every step requires an increasingly great amount of resources. As for the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, that is simply a legendary realm, a realm that defies the will of the heavens!”

“Not to mention the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, but for a dual body and energy cultivator, crossing Ninefall itself is one of their most catastrophic moments! Ever since the Laws of the universe changed, the world no longer condones dual body and energy cultivators. To seek Ninefall is to focus on decomposing the body and completely transforming oneself into a spirit body. But, body transformation focuses on tempering the human body, awakening and altering the body so that one’s flesh and blood is as hard and tough as metal essence. How could such tough flesh and blood completely decompose? These two cultivation systems are contradictory to begin with! The higher one’s body transformation technique, the more difficult it is to cross Life Destruction!”

“If Lin Ming’s body transformation technique realm is low, then that’s fine. But if it’s high, then I think that what we should be considering is not concealing the origin energy fluctuations from him crossing Ninefall, but rather if his Ninefall can succeed at all!”

An Elder suddenly said. Everyone present glanced at each other with blank dismay. If they used a Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree for a genius to fail Ninefall, then that sort of joke wouldn’t be funny at all.


At this time, in a separate time-space within Carefree Palace, Lin Ming sat down on a bed. A fluttering, mottled old tree stood in front of him.

When Lin Ming imagined the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, he imagined the divine thunder tree that existed in the Temple of Marvels. That divine thunder tree had stood straight and tall, piercing through the skies. It was so wide that not even dozens of people gathered together could hold hands and wrap all the way around it.

However, he didn’t expect that this so-called Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree would only be seven feet high. Its highest branches and leaves just reached Lin Ming’s shoulders.

The bark was cracked, with layers upon layers curled outwards just like the scales of a dragon. The trunk was covered with winding twists, and the tree was covered with holes and fissures. There were even some places where the trunk was exposed, revealing the heartwood of the tree.

Its branches were like twisting snakes that hovered in the air, circling around and around each other until they formed a dragon-tight grip, locked together in a knot that would exist forever.

Its leaves were all a faded yellow, and they were also very sparse. Every leaf seemed different. Just from looking at these leaves, one felt an inexplicably painful and desolate feeling in their heart, as if their souls were being deprived.

Between these leaves, there were fruits that hung sporadically. After counting all of them, there were ten fruits in total – no more, no less. These ten fruits came in all shapes and colors. There was a black one, a yellow one, a white one...

“This is the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree?” Lin Ming sucked in a light breath. He had no idea why, but looking at this tree made him feel as if his soul was being suppressed. It was hard to imagine that this was a magical treasure formed by the Great Dao itself.

“Correct. The reason that the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree has such a name is that there are ten fruits. After one is eaten, another will be born. When one eats these ten fruits they will experience ten different severings. That is to sever the heart, sever the lungs, sever the liver, sever the kidney, sever the spleen, sever the gallbladder, sever the bones, sever the blood, sever the flesh, and sever the intestines.

“If any of these ten fruits were to be eaten by a mortal, they would immediately die a miserable and violent death. The heart severing makes the face black, with no left wrist pulse. The lung severing makes the face red with no right wrist pulse. The liver severing makes the face white with no arterial pulse. The kidney severing makes the face yellow with no chi pulse. The spleen severing makes the face blue with no vein pulse…

“When these ten severings are gathered together, all life vitality will be severed from the body. One’s meridians would stop, the energy within them would stagnate, and it would be no different from death!

“But as the human body is in a deathly state, a person’s soul and mind would actually obtain the vitalizing strength of the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, and they would reach a state of infinite emptiness. With their soul wandering the skies and their mind completely empty, they would be able to sense the Heavenly Dao Laws themselves. This is why this tree is called the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree!

“When an ordinary martial artist eats a fruit, their physical body isn’t able to withstand it. This is why Carefree Island takes the Ten Severing Dao Fruits and uses them to make wine. This is to dilute the medicinal efficacy to thousandths of a percent so that a martial artist can use it to perceive the Laws.

“But for you, it is different. You have opened the first six gates of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and you have also absorbed dragon marrow, phoenix essence, and even fused with the supreme dragon bone. It should be possible for you to withstand the full strength of the Ten Severing Dao Fruits. After withstanding these ten severings, you will be able to attack Ninefall in a single go and truly separate yourself from any sort of mortal mediocrity.”

“So that’s how it is…” As Lin Ming heard Mo Riverbliss’s explanation, he began to size up the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree all over again. He thought that the name of this heaven-step miracle medicine was a bit strange, but he never imagined it would contain such odd truths.

“Then… let us start. I will help you absorb the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree and attack Ninefall!”

Mo Riverbliss sat down in front of Lin Ming.

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