Chapter 1115 – Ten Severing Dao

Chapter 1115 – Ten Severing Dao

“What? Lin Ming is about to cross Ninefall and he wants the 12 of us to serve as his Protectors, and also to seal up the sect?”

News of Lin Ming crossing Ninefall was spread out by Mo Riverbliss, with the arrangements being made by Xiao Skywhite. This was because Mo Riverbliss estimated that the momentum coming from Lin Ming’s Ninefall crossing wouldn’t be small at all. Moreover, this momentum would form origin energy clouds that would naturally condense the Heavenly Dao Laws. There were endless profound mysteries contained within these Laws and they were extremely difficult to conceal.

If the momentum was too great then it would be easy to attract attention from other influences. Whether it was people knowing that someone was crossing Ninefall, or whether they mistook it for some heavenly material being born, any situation that brought attention would be troublesome. After all, Carefree Island was a sect with an extremely shallow background and Mo Riverbliss didn’t want to draw too much attention to herself. Thus, the wisest choice was for Lin Ming to cross Ninefall in the most subdued way possible.

Concealing the Heavenly Dao Laws’ fluctuations wasn’t some trifling matter that could be easily done by herself. Thus, Mo Riverbliss had Xiao Skywhite gather 12 Elders to arrange a great concealing array formation to shield the origin energy fluctuations that would come from Lin Ming’s...

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