Chapter 1113 – Mo Riverbliss’s Ambitions

Chapter 1113 – Mo Riverbliss’s Ambitions

“World King level Holy Land?”

As Mo Riverbliss spoke, all of the Elders present were stunned silent. Even if Carefree Island became a ninth-grade Holy Land, they would still be among the weakest of Holy Lands.

And within ninth-grade Holy Lands, the differences in strength between them were enormous. For instance, a peak Holy Land like the Ancient Phoenix Clan could completely exterminate over a dozen ordinary Holy Lands.

And above the Ancient Phoenix Clan was a World King level Holy Land.

In the strictest sense, a World King level Holy Land needed a World King level powerhouse assuming personal command. Even if they weren’t a Great World King, they at least needed to be someone with strength equal to a World King.

But, the truth was that the birth of a World King was simply far too difficult. There were many times when a sect would produce a World King, but another one would not appear in the next generation. For instance, the Ancient Dragon Clan was like this. Even so, they were stronger than an ordinary peak Holy Land, and could barely be considered a World King level Holy Land.

Such an influence was simply a legendary existence. If a World King level Holy Land was a bustling major capital of a vast nation, then Carefree Island was nothing but...

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