Chapter 1112 – The Power Behind The Throne

Chapter 1112 – The Power Behind The Throne

“The truth is now clear. I feel extremely regretful for everything that has occurred, but White Mirrorjade has already been punished for his actions. I will inform the entire sect of this matter and have it serve as a warning to the disciples!” Xiao Skywhite summarized. This sort of scandal would severely shame the White Family and ruin their reputation.

However, Xiao Skywhite wasn’t doing this to attack the White Family. Rather, the matter of Lin Ming killing White Mirrorjade was known by the direct disciples. Now, the disciples beneath them probably knew and there had to be an explanation for all of this.

White Brook’s lips twitched as he heard Xiao Skywhite. He remained silent throughout. Today was truly a living nightmare.

He turned and suddenly glanced at Mo Riverbliss. “You… who are you? Why would you appear in Carefree Palace?”

As White Brook spoke, everyone’s eyes turned to Mo Riverbliss. They too wished to know just who she was.

Mo Riverbliss stood atop a square of rainbow-colored silk, her entire body clothed in white. Her...

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