Chapter 1111 – Face Even More Swollen

Chapter 1111 – Face Even More Swollen

The Disciplinary Elder and the Supervisory Elder glanced at each other and fell beside White Brook. One was responsible for enforcing laws and the other was responsible for supervising disciples. If someone here was needed to search souls, the task would naturally fall to them.

As for Island Master Xiao Skywhite, he was already standing beside the completely dead White Mirrorjade. His hands were up, ready to start at any time. If he waited too long then even White Mirrorjade’s soul would scatter away.

The truth was that Xiao Skywhite wasn’t proud or happy to have Mo Riverbliss appear. In truth, he actually felt as if he had failed. In the end, he had to summon Mo Riverbliss to clean up this mess. Without her, he simply wasn’t able to stabilize this situation.

“Strength… my strength is not enough. If I had the strength of someone who steadily entered the Holy Lord realm, no one in this sect, high or low, would oppose me so greatly.” Xiao Skywhite thought to himself, making a grim determination for his future.

He turned to White Brook and said, “Elder White, if you will. If you do not start then I shall. If you cannot find the information you want yourself then don’t blame me.”

At this time, White Brook was like a volcano ready to erupt at any moment. His entire body trembled with anger. “Good!...

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