Chapter 111 - Wang Gan’s Calculations

Chapter 111 – Wang Gan’s Calculations

It was not wrong that Lin Ming had a martial intent, but Ling Sen also had a martial intent!

While they both had comprehended martial intents, Lin Ming’s talent was only a medium third-grade, while Ling Sen’s was an inferior fourth-grade. Ling Sen was older than Lin Ming by 5 years, and he had trained at the Seven Profound Martial House for 5 years longer; his strength approached that of a Pulse Condensation Period master. In order to overcome this gap, in half a year, Lin Ming had to somehow train his strength to also approach that of a Pulse Condensation Period master! And this was assuming that Ling Sen’s strength would not further progress. But Ling Sen was a top-tier genius, how could he possibly not rise even higher in this half year?

Some of those present knew the specific details of when Ling Sen had attempted the Seven Profound Valleys’ core disciple test in the past. The Seven Profound Valleys had required that Ling Sen reach the peak of the Fourth Stage of Body Transformation by the time he was 17 years old. But, they had required that Lin Ming reach the peak Fourth Stage of Body Transformation when he was 16 years old, or to enter the Bone Forging stage by the time he was 18 years old. From this alone, one could tell that the difficulty of Lin Ming’s test was much higher than Ling Sen’s!

This was most likely because Lin Ming’s talent was lower than Ling Sen’s, therefore the Seven Profound Valleys had set a higher threshold for qualification.

If others could follow this reasoning, then Lin Ming could too.

In this series of tests, only the first one was necessary to becoming a core disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys. To achieve the peak of the Fourth Stage of Body Transformation when he was 16, for Lin Ming this wasn’t a goal that was too difficult.

What was truly difficult were the other four tests. These rewards were provided by the Seven Profound Martial House’s Martial House Master as an incentive. They were only extra rewards; whether or not he could obtain them depended on his own ability, they did not affect whether he became a core disciple.

Of course, if he had these rewards, then Lin Ming would complete the first test earlier.

In this series of four rewards, the most difficult one to accomplish was defeating Ling Sen within 6 months. If he managed to do this, then he probably would have attained the other rewards.

“To defeat Ling Sen in 6 months, I bet the Seven Profound Martial House’s Martial House Master isn’t expecting me to get very far!” Lin Ming knew where he stood on this. He knew that with just his ethereal martial intent, his ‘Flow like Silk’, and his foundation spear skills, there was no possibility in surpassing Ling Sen in just half a year unless he took top quality pills again. But, he would need to totally consolidate and refine the pill; otherwise it would cause the true essence in his body to be impure.

“When a new disciple enters the Heavenly Abode, they will also hand out pills. But these pills are far inferior compared to the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill. They probably won’t have much of an effect…” As  Lin Ming thought of this, Elder Wang laughed and said, “Starting from tomorrow, little brother Lin may use the Seven Profound Martial House’s seven major killing arrays for 10 full days. You will also be given 20 true essence stones per month. These are personally gifted from the Martial House Master, it seems he’s very optimistic about you. Little Brother Lin, if you do not have any questions, then please accept.”

Ten full days at the seven major killing arrays?

Lin Ming was absolutely delighted. This was treatment that only the top three disciples of the Seven Profound Martial House would be favored with. Ten days all day… that meant 120 hours. He could almost practice whenever he liked.

“Elder Wang, I don’t have any questions.”

“Mm, good. Then I will be leaving first. Everyone, please continue to have a enjoyable evening.” Elder Wang flicked his fly whisk and put away the Seven Profound Decree. Without speaking to anyone, he left the hall. Those in the hall began to discuss what had just occurred.

The Seven Profound Martial House core disciples really had it rough.

“Big Sister Jingyun, don’t you think that the test is a bit too harsh? To have Lin Ming and Ling Sen actually fight, that is just too difficult. Lin Ming is so young, and Ling Sen, Ta Ku, Zhang Guanyu are all 20 years old. How could he win against them?” Murong Zi said this somewhat angrily. Lin Ming’s talent was already so heaven defying. If the Seven Profound Valleys would not take in such a person, then what kind of person would they take in?

Bai Jingyun said, “Who said they were intentionally making it hard for him? The test did not require that Lin Ming defeat Ling Sen. As long as his cultivation reaches the peak Altering Muscle stage while he is 16, then he will become a core disciple. Lin Ming is only 15 years old; he still has more than a year. If his martial intent suffices, then it is definitely possible to increase his cultivation by a stage. Are you worried for him?

Murong Zi pursed her lips, “What I’m more worried about is, if he becomes a core disciple, then he’ll be a pair with Qin Xingxuan!”

As Murong Zi said this, Bai Jingyun understood. After all, Lin Ming and Qin Xingxuan were both a young boy and a young girl. Their ages were also similarly appropriate. Although Lin Ming’s background was ordinary, if he had enough strength, then his background would mean nothing whatsoever.

The Crown Prince laughed with a ‘haha’ and smiled, “I already knew that brother Lin would become a core disciple sooner or later, but I had not thought that the Seven Profound Decree would be sent down so quickly. This prince proposes that we all have a drink and celebrate our good brother Lin creating yet another miracle!”

The Crown Prince lifted his wine glass and tossed it down his throat. All of the guests present lifted their glasses and toasted Lin Ming. Because of the arrival of Elder Wang, the banquet atmosphere had reached a new high.

Lin Ming’s status was becoming increasingly prominent!

Even if he could not become a core disciple, Lin Ming would still be bestowed a noble title, and would most likely become the same type of character as Qin Xiao. But if he did become a core disciple, then Lin Ming had the possibility of becoming the next Seven Profound Envoy or the next Martial House Master of the Seven Profound Martial House. These characters were the same as being the overlord of the land! They could control anything in the Sky Fortune Kingdom and do anything they want; they would be omnipotent!

The attitude of those present grew increasingly eager and fervent towards Lin Ming. The nobility were thinking of how to curry favor with Lin Ming, and the aristocratic young ladies were hoping to obtain Mister Lin Ming’s favor.

In that regard, Lin Ming was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

At this moment, a middle-aged man wearing a long, close-fitting robe and a hat arrived at Lin Ming’s side. He respectfully called him, “Mister Lin.”

“Mm? You are?”

“Mister Lin, I am Major Wang Gan of Sky Fortune City’s Royal Guard Forces.” Wang Gan said and formally bowed. Lin Ming’s status was soaring, but he was still only a common person, and he was also his junior. Wang Gan was an army major, and he was also several dozen years old. With his status, he didn’t have to bow to Lin Ming, but he did so in order to appear as humble as possible.

“Major Wang Gan of Sky Fortune City’s Royal Guard Forces?” Lin Ming was slightly surprised, but then he suddenly remembered Wang Yigao. Lin Ming naturally had not forgotten the repeated disputes he had with the frivolous dandy idiot. Wang Yigao was weak and an absolute mess, but he did have the influential background of being from the army major’s household, so he had kept trying to suppress Lin Ming at every opportunity. If not for Muyi’s earlier help, then he might not even have entered the Seven Profound Martial House.

He hadn’t thought that this person who appeared would suddenly be Wang Yigao’s father. Lin Ming didn’t even have the tiniest favorable impression towards this Wang Gan. If he was a good father, then he wouldn’t have raised such a horrible son. Lin Ming did not believe that Wang Gan didn’t know of Wang Yigao’s abusive actions. If one was poor, then they would even be killed in jail by Wang Yigao. This Wang Gan probably pretended that he never saw such things.

Thinking this, Lin Ming’s expression darkened. He said, “I know you. In the past I personally experienced how cruel your son’s methods are. The reason you came today is about your son’s matters? As they say, If a son is not taught well, it is the father’s fault. Does Mister Wang not know how domineering and vicious the actions of his son usually are?”

Lin Ming’s tone was bad; he reprimanded with a clear meaning. Wang Gan can come prepared to offer any sacrifice today, but being rebuked by Lin Ming in such a manner made him want to hang his head in shame. After all, he was an old man, and Lin Ming was still just a child.

But he could only nod his head in agreement and said, “Mister Lin is right. I’ve already punished that evil and vicious child to half a year in confinement. I have also handed down the family discipline upon him, and now that little evil boy is…”

“That’s enough; you don’t need to go any further.” Lin Ming had already correctly guessed what Wang Gan had come here today for. “You came today because you want me to forgive this matter?”

Lin Ming and Wang Gan weren’t loud, but there were many masters present, and they were able to clearly hear them speaking. Wang Gan’s tone was incomparably depressed; he had completely lost all of his face.

Wang Gan lowered his voice and said, “Mister Lin, I have already been made aware of the actions that my evil and useless child had done to hinder Mister Lin. The incident at the Martial House entrance examination was wholly at Zhu Yan’s instigation. About the sins of that evil boy, I am the clearest. As for the two previous matters, I have already hit that evil boy bad enough that he cannot get out of bed for several months.”

“Mister Lin is a dragon among humans. My evil child is just pathetic trash. Dragons do not live with snakes and tigers do not fight with dogs. It’s not worth Mister Lin’s time to waste any effort over that useless playboy. If Mister Lin is still unbearably angry, then I shall hand that evil child over to Mister Lin’s judgement. Whether you beat him to death or until he is crippled is all up to Mister Lin’s mood. Also, I have prepared a small gift of 60 true essence stones. I hope that Mister Lin will accept them.

As Wang Gan said this, Lin Ming couldn’t help but acknowledge him. This sort of government official was like a slippery snake that had his own effective methods. He held his own, and then made a final concession. And it was a large gift of 60 true essence stones. Lin Ming also believed that if he kept pressing, Wang Gan would absolutely hand over his son to him to let him punish at his own discretion.

But for this kind of person, if he was pushed into a corner it would only serve to create an enemy; there was not the slightest advantage. Also, he never had plans to kill or maim Wang Yigao to begin with. For 60 true essence stones, Lin Ming didn’t mind forgetting this matter.

“Good, I’m not too sentimental about this. I will take the true essence stones and consider this matter written off.”

Lin Ming was direct, but these words let Wang Gan feel a little surprised. He certainly knew what sort of value 60 true essence stones held towards martial artists. To collect so many true essence stones, he had paid a high price. But normally martial artists, especially talents like Lin Ming, were often haughty and distant in their manner. Even if they wanted the true essence stones, they would insincerely reject it, before finally begrudgingly accepting it. But Lin Ming was actually very direct in his manner.

Although this was only a small detail, it actually made Wang Gan feel much more relieved, as he had a new understanding of Lin Ming. ‘They say that this Lin Ming’s heart of martial arts was purer and stronger than others. Today I saw that Lin Ming acted casually and not overbearingly. He was not hypocritical, he did not humiliate. He did not have arrogance or an overly proud heart. He is understanding and his conscious is clear. He is very suitable to cultivate martial arts.’

After Wang Gan expressed his gratitude towards Lin Ming, he looked him deep in the eye, bid his farewells and left. He boarded his carriage and quietly rushed towards the palace of the Cloud Prince. He understood that within a few quarter hours, the name list of everyone who attended the banquet would be at the Cloud Prince’s table. Wang Gan was a centrist. Since he attended to banquet today, he had to visit the Cloud Prince and offer a clear explanation for why he did so, otherwise in the future he would very possibly be regarded as a dissident. That would be greatly unfavorable towards him.

At the same time as he explained, Wang Gan would also have to distance the responsibility from his own son. He would point towards the matter that happened at the beginning of fall and say that it was instigated by Zhu Yan, and say that his good-for-nothing son was only used as a proxy.

Note: about Lin Ming’s time limit to reach the peak of Altering Muscle, it wasn’t very clear in the raws due to annoying Chinese phrasing. It basically says that he has to reach it before the age of 17, but the way it’s worded is something equivalent to him having to reach it during 16. He has a few months left until he’s 16, then the time limit for fighting Ling Sen is while he is 16, but before 17, which is the time limit. Sorry about that confusion.

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